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Students can face difficulties while doing critical analysis of articles. However, universities and colleges require students to do such critical analysis papers as they want to assess their ability to critical challenge and discuss information provided in articles. Therefore, students must learn to write a critical analysis paper. The common aspect of such papers is to focus on a particular aspect of an article that could be a journal article, book, or research paper and then assessing the approach or content of the source. Moreover, students must adopt formal methods of analysis prescribed in different books according to the nature of the source reviewed.

How to Write Critical Analysis of Articles?

This section answers how to write a critical analysis of selected article. There are thousands of articles published every year on different subjects or topics. These articles are research reports that address a problem or issue and present findings of primary or secondary report. These articles add value to the existing literature. Therefore, critical analysis papers aim to evaluate the information, methodology, findings, and conclusions of these articles. The articles can relate to any topic. Moreover, students should use critical analysis approach that is suitable for the subject or topic.

The best approach to writing a critical analysis of an article is to cover each section in the article separate under headings. For example, the introduction should have sufficient background, objective, project aim, and also information about the researcher. The literature review should refer to previous studies and provide the conceptual framework. The methodology should be valid and relevant. The findings and discussion must be comprehensive and must relate to the conceptual framework. The conclusion should address the objectives along with recommendations for future studies based on limitations of the article.

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