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Dissertation writing for undergraduate, Masters, or PhD levels can be very challenging and difficult task to complete. It requires a lot of careful planning which starts from selecting the title for the study to be performed and then submitting proposal for approval. They are similar to research reports and research papers It is important to understand different research methodologies and ways of doing critical analysis of existing literature and findings collected from deployment of various research tools. Overall, students can achieve good grades in dissertation writing if they follow these steps.

How to Write a Dissertation?

This section answers how to write a dissertation. Writing a dissertation  can be challenging and daunting process. It involves a lot of new ideas that students do not have much knowledge and experience. Therefore, here are some tips that could help students. Firstly, students should understand the structure of a dissertation. It typically has 5 or 6 dissertation chapters, acknowledgement statement, abstract, table of contents, list of keywords, reference list, and appendix. The chapters include introduction, literature review, methodology, findings and discussion, and conclusion. Each chapter has it purpose described in another link of this website, dissertation chapters. The students should learn about different forms of literature review and available academic methodologies.

Moreover, they should learn to narrow down the research and extrapolate information from previous research studies.Creating a conceptual framework is the most crucial step. It helps to identify the literatire gap and ways of fulfilling it.  Furthermore, dissertation often require personal reflection statement. This section describes the learning process and skills that student possess at the end of the dissertation writing process. Therefore, it is important for students to learn and practice personal statement writing skills to complete this part. Additionally, a dissertation can have a case study that requires students to focus on a particular case and address it. If you need any help for writing dissertations then you can check samples on our website.

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