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Lab reports are part of scientific based courses including Medicine, Material Sciences, and Biology, etc. Reports include details of the experiment, methodology, and its results. Therefore, before students can write up the report, the experiment is necessary. Moreover, the format and layout of lab reports vary according to the nature of the research but there are few common tips that students can follow to achieve high grade in preparing a lab report.

How to Write Lab Reports?

This section answers how to write a lab report. Writing a lab report is a long process that involves writing findings of an experiment and their discussion. Students should make notes of the methodology and findings of the experiment. Additionally, students should have a clear objective for their experiments. The research questions set out the scope of the study and also forms basis for the hypothesis set out for the experiment. Therefore it is crucial that students make research questions that are suitable for the study.

The structure of a lab report varies according to the nature of research and its objectives. However, a basic layout includes introduction, main body, and conclusion. The introduction should provide details of the background, objective, settings, research questions, and hypothesis. The main body should include the methodology used by the researcher, findings of the experiment, and discussion in relation to previous studies. The conclusion should reiterate the objective and key findings along with limitations of the experiment or study.

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