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Presentations are interactive way of summarising a research and sharing its key points with the audiences on any topic. This type of assignment requires students to make a presentation using any available tool. Furthermore, universities and colleges require students to make presentation speech. Therefore, it is important for students to prepare presentation slides along with speaker notes that could help in making their presentational work.

How to Write Presentations?

This section answers how to write a presentation. The student should prepare a presentation to cover all points of a research and there should be a logical flow between the slides. The presentation should be interesting to keep the audience interested. Moreover, the content of a presentation should be comprehensive so it covers all possible areas or questions. The students should keep minimum information on slides. Furthermore, they should paraphrase all information provided on slides and citations should follow. There should be title and reference list slides according to the citation style.

One major problem faced by students is when they try to present their research text on slides without changing them. Universities expect students not to copy paste their research work on slides. Instead, they want them to rewrite and provide highlights of the research supported by verbal speech. To improve the layout of presentations  students should use summary tables and graphs.

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