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Thesis proposals are the first step to the completion of a formal thesis required from students at the university level. These proposals require preliminary research on the selected subject topic. This is a crucial step because the initial understanding of the topic can help in formulating a strong problem statement and identify the literature gap that will become the main objective of the complete thesis. Thesis proposals require a brief literature review and detailed research methodology along with limitations for ethical approval from the university. Thesis proposals lead to the completion of dissertations. Therefore, students should not get confused.

How to Write a Thesis Proposal?

This section answers how to write a thesis proposal. Writing a thesis proposal requires student to choose the topic first. Universities usually give a list of topics. However, students can select a topic of their interest and get approval. The write up should begin after conducting a preliminary research on the topic. The research should start with broad keywords and then narrow it down. The thesis proposal should identify the objectives and research questions. The main focus of a thesis proposal is on the methodology for the main thesis. The methodology should have all details of the research design, approach, data collection, sampling, basis for analysis, and limitations. Furthermore, it should have a time schedule for the actually thesis. The completion of a thesis according to the time schedule is crucial.

The language of the thesis proposal should use future tense. Furthermore, the preliminary literature review should be in present tense. If you need any help for writing chapters of a dissertation then you can check samples on our website.

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